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By George R. Waller

content material: Seventy years of the Maillard response / Sin'itiro Kawamura --
a brand new mechanism of the Maillard response related to sugar fragmentation and loose radical formation / Mitsuo Namiki and Tateki Hayashi --
Analytical use of fluorescence-producing reactions of lipid- and carbohydrate-derived carbonyl teams with amine finish teams of polyamide powder / W.L. Porter, E.D. Black, A.M. Drolet, and J.G. Kapsalis --
Strecker degradation items from (1-¹³C)-D-glucose and glycine / Tomas Nyhammar, Kjell Olsson, and Per-Åke Pernemalm --
Nitrite interactions in version Maillard browning structures / Gerald F. Russell --
stories at the colour improvement in saved plantation white sugars / Hung-Tsai Cheng, Wai-Fuk Lin, and Chung-Ren Wang --
coloured compounds shaped via the interplay of glycine and xylose / H.E. Nursten and Rosemary O'Reilly --
stipulations for the synthesis of antioxidative arginine-xylose Maillard response items / G.R. Waller, R.W. Beckel, and B.O. Adeleye --
the range of odors produced in Maillard version platforms and the way they're stimulated via response stipulations / M.J. Lane and H.E. Nursten --
features of a few new flavoring fabrics produced by way of the Maillard response / E. Dworschák, V. Tarján, and S. Turos --
The Maillard response and meat taste / Milton E. Bailey --
Sensory houses of unstable Maillard response items and similar compounds : a literature assessment / Susan Fors --
Mechanism chargeable for warmed-over taste in cooked meat / A.M. Pearson and J.I. grey --
Maillard know-how : production purposes in nutrients items / James P. Danehy and Bernard Wolnak --
Maillard response items as indicator compounds for optimizing drying and garage stipulations / ok. Eichner and W. Wolf --
Characterization of antioxidative Maillard response items from histidine and glucose / H. Lingnert, C.E. Eriksson, and G.R. Waller --
The influence of browned and unbrowned corn items on absorption of zinc, iron, and copper in people / P.E. Johnson, G. Lykken, J. Mahalko, D. Milne, L. Inman, H.H. Sandstead, W.J. Garcia, and G.E. Inglett --
dietary worth of meals and feeds of plant foundation : dating to composition and processing / J.E. Knipfel, J.G. McLeod, and T.N. McCaig --
influence of the Maillard browning response at the nutritive price of breads and pizza crusts / C.C. Tsen, P.R.K. Reddy, S.K. El-Samahy, and C.W. Gehrke --
lack of to be had lysine in protein in a version Maillard response process / Barbee W. Tucker, Victor Riddle, and John Liston --
impression of a glucose-lysine response mix on protein and carbohydrate digestion and absorption / Rickard Öste, Inger Björck, Arne Dahlqvist, Margaretha Jägerstad, in keeping with Sjödin, and Hans Sjöstrom --
selection of accessible lysine via quite a few techniques in Maillard-type items / H.F. Erbersdobler and T.R. Anderson --
Nonenzymatic glycosylation and browning of proteins in vivo / V.M. Monnier and A. Cerami --
Maillard reactions of healing curiosity / L. Mester, L. Szabados, and M. Mester --
dietary and toxicological results of Maillard browned protein ingestion within the rat / Stephen J. Pintauro, Tung-Ching Lee, and Clinton O. Chichester --
Mutagens in cooked meals : attainable outcomes of the Maillard response / William Barnes, Neil E. Spingarn, Claire Garvie-Gould, Loretto L. Vuolo, Y.Y. Wang, and John H. Weisburger --
Creatinine and Maillard response items as precursors of mutagenic compounds shaped in fried pork / M. Jägerstad, A. Laser Reuterswärd, R. Öste, A. Dahlqvist, S. Grivas, ok. Olsson, and T. Nyhammar --
Mutagens produced by means of heating meals / M. Nagao, S. Sato, and T. Sugimura --
Formation of mutagens via the Maillard response / Hirohisa Omura, Nazma Jahan, Kazuki Shinohara, and Hiroki Murakami.

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I f t h i s i s t r u e , a d d i t i o n of a s u i t a b l e reductant to the r e a c t i o n mixture i n the induction period should produce the f r e e r a d i c a l ; the f o l l o w i n g experiment was c a r r i e d out to v e r i f y t h i s idea. R a d i c a l Precursor i n the Reaction Mixture (5 $6) A p o r t i o n of the r e a c t i o n mixture of glucose w i t h _tbutylamine was taken at the i n d u c t i o n period of the reaction ( a f t e r about 15 min), where no detectable amounts of f r e e r a d i c a l were present and no reducin aqueous s o l u t i o n of ascorbi intense ESR s i g n a l appeared as shown i n F i g .

To confirm these r e l a t i o n s h i p s , the a b i l i t y of these intermediates to generate the free r a d i c a l was a l s o examined. As shown i n F i g . 8, the Amadori product did not provide any free r a d i c a l on heating alone or with added sugar or amino a c i d . In contrast to t h i s , glucosyl-3-alanine alone gave the free radical to an extent s i m i l a r to that i n the glucose-3-alanine system. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. 2. NAMIKI AND HAYASHI New Mechanism of Maillard Reaction Figure 5.

F i g u r e 7 shows a s i m i l a r s p e c t r u m o f p o l y a m i d e e x p o s e d t o t h e v a p o r s o f o x i d i z i n g aqueous s o y l e c i t h i n m i c r o d i s p e r s i o n s a t pH 5 . 6 a n d 65°C. F i g u r e 8 shows s i m i l a r s p e c t r a o b t a i n e d a f t e r polyamide exposure t o vapors o f o x i d i z i n g packaged p o t a t o c h i p s a n d f r e e z e - d r i e d c a r r o t s . Polyunsaturated fatty a c i d s , t h e i r e s t e r s and t r i g l y c e r i d e s produced s i m i l a r s p e c t r a .

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