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By Mark Johnson

In The that means of the Body, Mark Johnson keeps his pioneering paintings at the fascinating connections among cognitive technology, language, and which means first all started within the vintage Metaphors we are living By. Johnson makes use of fresh examine into little one psychology to teach how the physique generates which means even ahead of self-consciousness has absolutely constructed. From there he turns to cognitive neuroscience to additional discover the physically origins of that means, proposal, and language and examines the various dimensions of meaning—including photographs, traits, feelings, and metaphors—that are all rooted within the body’s actual encounters with the area. Drawing at the psychology of paintings and pragmatist philosophy, Johnson argues that each one of those points of meaning-making are essentially aesthetic. He concludes that the humanities are the end result of human makes an attempt to discover that means and that learning the cultured dimensions of our adventure is important to unlocking meaning's physically sources.

Throughout, Johnson places forth a daring new notion of the brain rooted within the figuring out that philosophy will topic to nonphilosophers provided that it truly is outfitted on a visceral connection to the world.
“Mark Johnson demonstrates that the classy and emotional elements of that means are fundamental—central to conceptual which means and cause, and that the humanities convey meaning-making in its fullest consciousness. should you have been raised with the concept that artwork and emotion have been exterior to principles and cause, you want to learn this publication. It grounds philosophy in our such a lot visceral experience.”—George Lakoff, writer of Moral Politics

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In this book, I focus mostly on exploring the aesthetics of the bodymind—how meaning grows out of our organic transactions with our environment. I try to show why disembodiment is not purity of thought but would, in fact, amount to the loss of all the means we possess for making sense of things. As the Collins poem suggests, our bodies are the very condition of our meaning-making and creativity. If a man were reduced to only a skeleton with a penis at a typewriter, then he would, of course, write poems only about sex and death.

Art as an Exemplar of Meaning-Making 11. Music and the Flow of Meaning 12. The Meaning of the Body Notes References Index Color plates PREFACE The Need for an Aesthetics of Human Meaning People want their lives to be meaningful. This desire—this eros—for meaning is so strong in us that we are sometimes even willing to risk death in our pursuit of meaning and fulfillment. It is our need to make sense of our experience and to inquire into its overall meaning and significance that has kept philosophy alive since the dawn of reflective thinking in our species.

PART I Bodily Meaning and Felt Sense Discovering, making, and communicating meaning is our full-time job. We do it from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Sometimes we do it consciously and intentionally; but mostly, meaning emerges for us beneath the level of our conscious awareness. Meaning is happening without our knowing it. So, to figure out where meaning comes from, we have to look deeply into mostly nonconscious bodily encounters with our world. I submit that if you want to understand human meaning-making, you should probably not start with theories of meaning put forth in contemporary analytic philosophy of mind and language.

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