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By Paul Cobben

The human self is a loose self that will get form in a society during which it really is either equivalent to the others (as the felony one who acknowledges the others as loose and equivalent) and precise (as the ethical one who isn't really exchangeable to the others). accordingly, the trendy debate on society is ruled by means of the choice of the relation among correct and morality. In a feedback of Habermas, Honneth, Rawls and others, this paintings argues that this relation should be constructed as a scientific elaboration of the mind-body-relation. in keeping with the Hegelian culture, acceptance firstly issues the popularity of the physique via the brain.

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PhoS, p. 95). 22 Chapter 1 The Human Self as the Unity of Mind and Body inside perspective, relates to an objective reality that has an independent existence. From an inside perspective, the mind’s objective reality appears as constituted by the mind itself, and, in this sense, as a subjective reality. The positive result of this development is the mind that has become reflected in itself. It has been transformed from an undetermined existence into a being-in-itself, an “I”, or a “self ”. This development, however, was accompanied by a reduction: while, from an outside perspective, the mind was determined in immediate union with an independent organism, it seems that this organism, from an inside perspective, has become totally invisible.

A body. The formal self of the mind also has a body (although it is ignorant of this fact). Therefore, the mind will not escape from confrontation with other organisms. Before it is possible to go into the mind’s confrontation with other organisms, another problem has to be solved. It has to be clear what it means to speak about an organism that is not finding its unity in the mind. Until now we conceived of the organism as a black box existing in an immediate unity with the mind. To maintain this unity towards the outside world, we had to understand in what way the mind is able to grasp the outside world as an independent world to exclude it from itself as the immediate mind/body unity.

Rather, it seems to be obvious that it perceives the strange mind/body simply as a strange organism. As a consequence, it would deal with the strange mind/body unity as it would deal with any strange organism: It would try to destroy the strange organism in order to rescue its existence as pure self. Since the relation between the two mind/body unities is symmetrical, both unities would try to destroy each other. The result 34 Cf. ” (110). 35 The attempt to develop the adequate relation between mind and body as the symmetrical relation between two mind/body unities seems to definitely fail when the struggle results in the death of one of them.

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