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By David J. A. Clines, J. Cheryl Exum

The aim of this unique quantity is to demonstrate what has been occurring lately in Hebrew Bible stories below the impression of advancements in literary idea within the final couple of a long time. The tools and perform of reader-response feedback and deconstruction, in addition to of feminist, materialist and psychoanalytic techniques are represented the following via essays from top Hebrew Bible literary critics. Alice Bach, Robert Carroll, Francisco Garcia-Treto, David Jobling, Francis Landy, Stuart Lasine, Peter Miscall, Hugh Pyper, Robert Polzin, and Ilona Rashkow, including the 2 editors, current particular and eclectic essays on specific biblical texts, introducing scholars and students to interesting new dimensions of biblical learn.

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This I take to be the main point of W. Brueggemann's criticism of my work on Jeremiah in his review of recent commentaries on Jeremiah: 'Jeremiah: Intense Criticism/Thin Interpretation', Int 42 (1988), pp. 268-80. Brueggemann has now contributed two fine volumes of commentary on Jeremiah himself, so his own theological reading of the text can be scrutinized: To Pluck Up, To Tear Down: A Commentary on the Book of Jeremiah 1-25; To Build, To Plant: A Commentary on Jeremiah 26-52 (International Theological Commentary; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans; Edinburgh: The Handsel Press, 1988,1991).

She does not wonder about the effect upon the image of women when a society creates its only trial by ordeal in order to punish their improper sexual behavior. Clearly the integration of research on women from many different fields is needed to circumvent the borders of our particular disciplines. Each analysis of the Sotah will present The New Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible 52 a partial picture until we use an interdisciplinary analysis that encompasses many partial views. The crucial element of the Sotah text, regardless of whether one wishes the accused woman to suffer a horrible death or merely to sip a noxious cocktail, is that it reflects the potency of male imaginings.

Their cool medical explanations of a prolapsed uterus or false pregnancy stand in stark contrast to the hot fantasies of the ancients. One reading suggests that among the horrible physical effects that take place upon drinking the bitter water for the adulterous wife who has conceived through that union, the 46 The New Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible fetus will be aborted. If, on the other hand, the woman is innocent and has conceived with her husband, she will 'retain the seed' (v. 28) and bear her husband's child (Romney-Wegner 1988: 52).

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