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The oceans their physics, chemistry, and basic biology

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Colour Chemistry (Rsc Paperbacks)

This e-book presents an updated perception into the chemistry at the back of the color of the dyes and pigments that make our international so vibrant. The remarkable breadth of assurance starts off with a dip into the heritage of color technological know-how. "Colour Chemistry" then is going directly to examine the constitution and synthesis of a number of the dyes and pigments, besides their purposes within the conventional components of textiles, coatings and plastics, and in addition the ever-expanding diversity of "high-tech" functions.

Absorption. Fundamentals & Applications

This ebook provides a realistic account of the trendy concept of calculation of absorbers for binary and multicomponent actual absorption and absorption with simultaneous chemical response. The ebook contains components: the idea of absorption and the calculation of absorbers. half I covers simple wisdom on diffusion and the speculation of mass move in binary and multicomponent structures.

An Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers

Offers a accomplished advent to the mechanical behaviour of stable polymers. greatly revised and up to date all through, the second one variation now contains new fabric on mechanical relaxations and anisotropy, composites modelling, non-linear viscoelasticity, yield behaviour and fracture of tricky polymers.

Non-wettable surfaces: theory, preparation and applications

The target of this ebook is to combine information regarding the speculation, training and functions of non-wettable surfaces in a single quantity. by way of combining the dialogue of all 3 points jointly the editors will convey how concept assists the advance of arrangements equipment and the way those surfaces might be utilized to various events.

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23 Applications of Polymers in Drug Delivery The bilayered tablets are formulated in four steps. First a tablet is made by compression of L-HPC and lactose or stearic acid (first layer), which is then compressed along with a mixture of the drug and crystalline cellulose (second layer). The bilayered tablet is then coated with a solution of EC and micropores are formed either mechanically or by laser on the first layer. Finally, tablets are sugar coated [50]. 3 Pressure Controlled System In the large intestine, the contents are moved from one part to the next, as from the ascending to the slanting colon by forcible peristaltic movements commonly termed as mass peristalsis [51].

For rapid release of water insoluble drug effervescent or disintegrating agents are added. , polymethacrylates). , HPMC, PVA). , glyceryl monooleate). , pectin). 3 Ion-Exchange Based Drug Delivery System Ion exchange resins are insoluble polymers that contain acidic or basic functional groups and have the ability to exchange counter-ions within aqueous solutions surrounding them. An ion exchange resin is an insoluble matrix normally in the form of small beads of 1-2 mm diameter, usually white or yellowish, fabricated from an organic polymer substrate backbone [54].

A mathematical model for drug release properties of polymer coated ion-exchange resin complex has also been derived. For example, polymer (polyvinyl acetate) 25 Applications of Polymers in Drug Delivery coated dextromethorphan-resin complexes have been explored for studying release characteristics by considering diffusion, swelling, and ion exchange processes [57]. 2 Transdermal Drug Delivery System Research in the field of polymer science has paved the way for transdermal delivery system designs that have considerable flexibility.

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