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Harriet and Anne received twenty-four "lessons" through the course of their sittings; they were published in 1920 as a book entitled To Walk with God. Letting It Grow 37 Even if your pointer's first movements seem completely nonsensical, keep a record of the letters or numbers on which full and definite stops are made. Many times such a garbled message will remain forever undecipherable, but the times you can decode the gibberish will make the effort of taking notes worthwhile. Most commonly, certain letters repeated over and over are part of a word the pointer is trying to spell; when the correct word does come through, you'll be able to see the meaning in those first disconnected letters.

Her closest friend had just died; her career had hit the doldrums; people near her had disappointed her. Ouija told Jane that she deserved a far better situation Oracular Hazards 65 than the one in which she found herself, and of course Jane agreed. Since the board's words always amplified her own perceptions, offered her solace and acknowledged her worth to a degree no one else did, the game quickly became her most trusted friend. As her enthusiasm grew, Jane found she could operate the board and pointer by herself, and soon she was spending long hours alone with her Ouija "spirits," who called themselves by mythological names comfortingly familiar to Jane from her lifelong study of classical mythology.

Of course the unconscious existed in ancient Greece as Oracular Hazards 59 thoroughly as it exists today; the difference is in the access and interplay between the lands of the known and unknown. Now we can see more clearly why use of Ouija has been strongly condemned by those Christian sects that have not simply ignored the oracle's existence; the little board does provide an avenue of access to psychic regions the church has turned over to the devil. Many people involved in what is usually called "the occult" (Edgar Cayce prominent among them) have also denounced the Ouija board as a dangerous toy too easily prey to evil influences.

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