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The reader now knows John sufficiently well and anticipates a more complete introduction to the central character of the Gospel. 28 Conclusion. 19. All the words and actions of John narrated thus far comprise his testimony. 21 To this point, however, that witness remains incomplete. John has thoroughly identified himself, but has left the reader anxiously anticipating an equally thorough identification of the unknown one to come. 29-34 John identifies Jesus. 29), indicates the beginning of new material.

38; and R. Kysar, John (Minneapolis: Ausburg), p. 149. 6). John operates under the auspices of a direct divine commission. Those who question him have substantially less lofty credentials. The narrative has not yet clearly established Jerusalem and the Jews as opponents of God,11 but they certainly do not stand equal to the one who sends John. 12 As indicated, I consider it more valid to find here a contrast that strengthens the depiction of John. John acts under the authority of God and the delegation from Jerusalem, by forcing him to witness to himself, actually impedes the witness God ordained John to make.

109. R. O'Day, '"I Have Overcome the World" (John 16:33): Narrative Time in John 13-17', Semeia 53 (1991), pp. 153-66. 110 Even the work of Culpepper, however, does not offer a close examination of water in the context of the narrative sections in which it appears or a detailed account of how the meaning and function of water expand as the narrative progresses. He certainly broke new ground in Johannine studies, but much room remains for a thorough, linear study of the symbol of water, which examines how it functions symbolically.

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