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By Lillian R. Klein

The Triumph of Irony within the booklet of Judges specializes in the literary caliber of the publication of Judges. Klein extrapolates the subject of irony within the booklet of Judges, trying to turn out that it's the major structural point. She issues out how this literary machine provides to the general that means and tone of the publication, and what it finds in regards to the tradition of the time. Chronologically divided into sections, Klein explores the narrative and commentates at the literary houses throughout-plot, personality improvement, and backbone, in addition to the most subject of irony.

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In contrast to the marching and rushing turbulence of the tribal scenes, these verses use extensive parallelism and chiasm for retardation and suspension. The actual murder scene is drawn out over two verses in frame-byframe slow- and play-back motion, relishing each moment. The poetic version of the incident does not include Jael's invitation to Sisera to come into her tent, thus diminishing her treachery, but it cannot eliminate her murder of a guest, even if he is an enemy of Israel. The conclusion of the poem focuses on another woman, an enemy woman: the mother of Sisera.

10). When Ehud is 'given' as a deliverer, he is identified first as a Benjaminite—literally, 'son of the right hand'—which calls attention to the significance of the right hand for wielding power,2 and then as a left-handed man. That Ehud is an unlikely choice is immediately suggested: he is not a judge, and he is 'bound' or 'impeded' in his right hand. A left-handed warrior? More pointedly, a left-handed 'son of the right hand'? 3 Ehud is to deliver Israel single-handed, and left-handed. 15: 'the sons of Israel sent a tribute/present by his hand to the king of Moab, Eglon'.

The personal and selfish concerns of this mother contrast with the image of Deborah as a mother in Israel, and Deborah's wisdom contrasts with that of the 'wisest ladies' of Sisera's mother. Whereas the Israelites took 'no spoils of silver', no booty, in accordance with Yahweh's strictures, Sisera's mother impatiently awaits her son's return, comforting herself for his delay with speculation on the spoils he will bring. It is an intimate scene, one which gives more power to the reader's knowledge that Sisera has himself been 'plundered', and by a woman.

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