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By Klaus Kreimeier

Universum-Film AG--best identified by way of its signature brand, Ufa--was as soon as the most important movie corporation in Europe. based by means of the German excessive Command as a propaganda medium in the course of global conflict I and constantly critical to Germany's nationalistic big-business pursuits, Ufa was once additionally domestic to the main leading edge abilities of the Weimar Republic. Fritz Lang, Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings, and Ernst Lubitsch have been Ufa stars; city, The Blue Angel, and Dr. Mabuse have been just a couple of of its best works. From its brilliant theaters to its cutting-edge studios and processing labs, from its finished multimedia exposure campaigns to its avant-garde artwork motion pictures, Ufa challenged Hollywood for cultural dominance and marketplace proportion in Jazz Age Europe. however the tale grows darker after the simultaneous creation of sound motion pictures and nationwide Socialism. the tale of Ufa below Hitler, whilst technically suberb motion pictures persisted to be made, is the tale of the corruption and destruction of this important corporation via the kingdom that introduced it into lifestyles.

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