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By John Dargavel

In an age of realization approximately conservation, this can be a necessary biography of a guy with a passionate force for forests. Charles Lane Poole (1885-1970), Western Australia's first Conservator of Forests, is the incorrect hero of this biography. inspired through the beliefs of woodland conservation and its technology, he their dictates in Western Australia and internationally. Poole was once the 1st guy to try the duty of handling and conserving Australia's superb jarrah and karri forests at a time after they have been being felled for railway sleepers. This interesting biography follows his existence from his start in England in 1885 to eire, France, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Western Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canberra, the place he proven Australia's nationwide forestry college, and Sydney, the place he died in 1970.

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E. Lee; A. H. Fairey; Dr F. Stoward; A. C. Munro; R. Dalrymple Hay; E. A. Mann; C. E. Lane Poole; D. G. Humphries; R. A. O’Keeffe. Front Row: H. S. King; N. W. Jolly; A. W. Styles; W. G. Ashford; R. T. Robinson; H. B. Lefroy; Walter Kingsmill; Walter Gill; H. H. 28 (Courtesy Battye Library, 012675D) 47 The Zealous Conservator later found ‘a particularly sound and able man’, and the man he took over from, the Acting Inspector-General of Forests, A. G. 14 Then he was off on a tour through the major jarrah and karri forests in the Southwest of the State.

It looked neglected, but he had it put in good order, surrounded it with flowering plants and sent Ruth a picture of it all, telling her that ‘the big leafed tree is a mango…a coconut is just peeping over the roof…mark the creeper (Bougainvillea) growing up the porch…can’t you feel the heat of it all’. Charles had to get the forest reserves declared and until he did, there was no real imperial forestry for him to practise; he must fit all else—plantations, arboreta, botany, technology and so forth—around this.

He must survey and mark their boundaries, or ‘demarcate’ them, and get the chiefs’ agreement before he could get them declared as forest reserves in the Government Gazette. 27 The Zealous Conservator Only then could the Forestry Department stop the farmers’ incursions. To Charles there was no uncertainty; forest conservation meant colonial control. And colonial control in Sierra Leone, as elsewhere in the Empire, was a paradoxical affair. On one hand it was physically violent—often arbitrarily and personally so, as Charles was—while on the other hand it was fussy about mapping the country, counting the people and issuing decrees which legitimated what it did, at least to those in charge.

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