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By Hans Kraus

As a pastor i locate myself turning to this quantity usually while within the Psalms. Kraus experiences the Psalter thematically, that's a piece tiresome whilst learning a unmarried Psalm, yet still, so helpful in his grouping jointly of thoughts, phrases, words, and so forth. even though there floor periodically (but no longer usually) touches of historicial-critical technique and findings, this quantity represents a number of the best theology paintings at the OT Hymnal. He even encompasses a high-quality disclose at the NT use of Psalms. uncertain how the typical layperson with none Hebrew wisdom could locate this paintings, yet definitely, there's meat the following for them to discover and consume smilingly.

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P. 31), but his judging consists in helping people get their rights. "God is the great champion of justice" (Kohler, 1957, p. 32). This justice has also the aspect of punishment (Ps. 129:4), but it is first of all, as its "proper work," the bringing of assistance, deliverance, and loyalty to those who are victims of injustice, persecution, and false accusations. " Yahweh is Ρ'ΙΧΊ 1Ί3Π ("gracious and righteous, Ps. 116:5). In the execution of justice and the process of judgment he demonstrated his righteousness and, for the sake of his "proper work," his salvation, his grace.

We will return to the way in which ΤΟΠ (hesed) and ΠΏΚ (emet) are used as synonyms. It is clear, however, that DDK (emet) refers to the dependability of the help that Yahweh gives. We can rely on Yahweh's help; it demonstrates the saving faithfulness of the God of Israel, whose ϊΦ' ("deliverance") is constant and true. Therefore, in Ps. 31:5 Yahweh is called "faithful God" (ΠΏΚ Vx). ΠΏΚ (emet) is the perfection of Yahweh, in which his ΤΟΠ (hesed) is demonstrated and validated. Therefore, those who are surrounded by enemies can appeal to this saving faithfulness of God and pray for the defeat of the powers of destruction (Ps.

Yahweh is the p'YX D'H^X ("righteous God") because he judges righteously (Ps. 7:9, 11). He cuts the cords of the wicked (Ps. 129:4). He tests human minds and hearts, and therefore judges righteously (Ps. 7:10). Yahweh is p'TJJ ("just") in all his ways (Ps. 145:17). His judgments are just (Ps. 119:137). Those who are saved by Yahweh's work as judge, through his pronouncing of judgment, experience the graciousness and righteousness of Yahweh (Ps. 116:5), his compassion. Before investigating the nouns pTJi ("righteousness") and npTJi ("righteousness"), we must first stress that Yahweh is p'TX ("righteous") because he judges righteously.

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