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By Steven C Boguslawski

The writer keeps that Thomas Aquinas in his observation on Romans makes use of predestination and election as hermeneutical keys to appreciate Romans Sept. 11 and to maintain a favorable theological view of the Jewish humans.

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5. An exhaustive discussion of Thomas' understanding of the judicial and ceremonial precepts of the Mosaic Law is well beyond the scope of the current study. What is essential to the present discussion however, is the superior status and role of the Jews considered historically exegetically by Aquinas. For an innovative approach to the literal and spiritual senses in Aquinas that warrants further investigation. see Cohen. Letters. 378-89. While Cohen's argument initially appears compelling. close analysis reveals it to be selective methodologically considered.

4. , which defines predestination, election, and love, as well as the order of these in God and in us. The texts of STand eRO, respectively, read: The predestination of some to eternal salvation means that God wills their salvation. This is where special and chosen loving come in. Special because God wills this blessing of eternal salvation to some ... for.. loving is willing a person good, chosen loving (electio) because he wills this to some and not to others for, ... some he rejects. Election and dilection operate (ordinatur) differently in us and in God.

18: But. I say. have they not heard? 17. 5. resp. Thomas sketches a general theory of virtue to explain the theological virtue of faith and how it may be opposed. Since "virtue consists in attaining some nonn of human knowledge or conduct," the diversity of vices may be considered under the aspect of its relationship to the virtue Or regarding the constituent elements of that virtue. Therefore. " but. regarding the corruption of constituent elements of faith. "there are not distinctive kinds of unbelief.

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