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F. Collector. Storage. Auxiliary heaters. Pumps or fans. Internal distribution system. Controls. The collectors may cool below the freezing point, and freezing of the water may cause mechanical damage. This can be avoided by either of the following means: a. By keeping the circulation going during the frost danger period, but this obviously causes a considerable heat loss. Yet if there is only frost a few days a year, this is the simplest and cheapest solution. b. By draining the system. inst. in the Swedish Linköping house, which comprises a draining system that has been patented.

Feed Fig. 3 Solar Assisted Distillation (Indirect Collect- TörTJ A. 3 has mainly been derived from reference 4. Mirror Product T Aluminum Pan Fig. 111/21 lEA Insulation SOLAR STILL NO. 1 Product &lack Painted Marine Plywood Basin Fig. 111/22 InsulatlonL SOLAR STILL NO. 16 Product Insulation Indirect collection and transformation of solar radiation into separation work for water and dissolved salts makes use of flat-plate collectors and couples them with a conventional desalination plant of the multistage, multieffect or vapour-compression type.

And the Brisbane house in Australia, electrically driven heat pump compressors are not used, but a lithium bromide/water absorption system, which in principle may be compared to a thermal compressor. , uses photo-voltaic cells to power the heat pump, and this is the only solar house that produces a significant amount of electricity by solar cells. This is by far the most sophisticated solar house that has been built up till now, and whilst the system is uneconomical at the present high price level for photovoltaic cells, it may become economical some time in the future, when it is expected that solar cells will only cost a fraction of what they cost today.

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