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By Natalie Schorr

Flip your rusty French languageskills into polished dialog self assurance music Up Your French provides you with an unique and sensible approach to hone your French-language dialog talents. This booklet is dependent round a variety of key areasfor development, protecting every thing from difficult grammatical buildings to gestures, slang, and humor. In every one sector, key terms are awarded in "Top Ten" lists, together with daily expressions for filling pauses, icebreakers, and extra. This e-book is superb for brushing up at the Frenchyou studied in highschool or university. The accompanying MP3 disk includes a fascinating 70-minute software for studying key expressions from the booklet. It contains mp3 recordings of sixty most sensible 10 lists, prepared for every entry and reference in your iPod or mp3 participant. This disk won't play on older, stand-alone CD gamers

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Acceptance) 8. Pchch! (ironic admiration) 9. Beurk! (disgust) 10. Ouste! Scram! Allez, va! In the expression Allez, va! the second-person plural imperative and second-person singular imperative become an interjection together. As a transition from French noises to French words, consider the following list of ten expressions, all spelled as variations on one verb, aller, “to go,” in its three imperative forms: Va! Allons! Allez! Interjections with aller function exactly the same way as interjections that are just sounds, such as Pchch!

French children are prompted with, On ne dit pas merci? ” Then when the French child says merci, there’s another prompt: Merci, qui? ” A child who attaches someone’s name to merci, bonjour, and au revoir is un enfant bien élevé. ” Balzac is said to have started this expression. French children are taught that adding names and titles is just as important as the words merci and s’il vous plaît themselves. ” TOP TEN Ways to Say “Thank You” 1. Merci, monsieur. Merci, madame. Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am.

A vos souhaits! (A tes souhaits! ” (literally, “To your wishes. ”) TUNE UP YOUR FRENCH 46 TOP TEN Agreeable Things to Say to Make Light of a faux pas 1. Ça ne fait rien. It’s nothing. 2. Ce n’est pas grave. It’s nothing. , the stain from something spilled) 3. ll n’y a pas de mal. No harm done. (a reply to an apology for something clumsy, something spilled) 4. Ne vous faites pas de souci. ) Don’t worry about it. 5. Ne vous en faites pas. ) Don’t give it a second thought. Don’t worry about it. (en ϭ de souci) 6.

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