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By Y Ohnuki

Ohira S., Nine-Dan S. Ohira., Nine-Dan S.O. Appreciating recognized video games (Japan courses buying and selling Co, 1998)(ISBN 4871870251)

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The round-trip delay time is increased over that of the cold cavity (L/c) by an amount Lg ω/cπωG . This extra delay arises due to the spectral variation of n′ due to the laser transition. When n′ is a function of frequency, the pulse propagation velocity (also known as the group velocity vg ) differs from the propagation velocity of the carrier (also known as the phase velocity vp = c/n′ ). We discuss group and phase velocities further in a later chapter. We will now account for the loss modulator by multiplying eq.

7), consisting of mirrors with radii of curvature R1 and R2 which are separated by distance d. After calculating the round-trip ABCD matrix and requiring that the roots of eq. 7 Simple two-mirror optical resonator. 22 INTRODUCTION AND REVIEW where g1 = 1 − d/R1 and g2 = 1 − d/R2 are symbols often used to express the stability condition succinctly. We make use of this stability condition when we discuss Kerr lens mode-locking in Chapter 2. 3 can have a very narrow optical frequency spectrum. This results in the well-known monochromaticity property of lasers.

18) leads to the physical interpretation that the per-pass pulse shortening due to the modulator exactly balances the per-pass broadening due to the gain medium’s finite bandwidth. 19) is the desired solution for the pulse-width parameter Ŵ. It is customary to express the pulse width in terms of the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the intensity, which we denote t. 20) m Here fm = ωm /2π and fG = ωG /2π. In obtaining the shortest pulses, one prefers a large modulation index, a large modulation frequency, and a large gain bandwidth.

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