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By Wilhelm Wirtinger

This quantity is made from electronic pictures from the Cornell collage Library old arithmetic Monographs assortment.

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1975). It has also become apparent that the specificity of assertive behaviour is supported by other studies. Rich & Schroeder (1976) conclude that factor analyses of self report assertiveness inventories have failed to yield a general factor of assertiveness. SOCIAL SKI LLS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER 47 They also note that the effects of assertive therapy do not necessarily transfer between response categories. For example, McFall & Lillesand (1971) found that training subjects to refuse unreasonable requests did not improve their success in making requests of others.

In contrast, the problem oriented approach - associated to a large extent (but not exclusively) with the introduction of the behavioural therapies - involves a comprehensive assessment of assets and deficits linked with attempts to identify the factors (in both organism and environment) which produce and maintain dis39 40 R. D. P. GRIFFITHS ordered behaviour. The approach also involves the introduction of therapeutic procedures derived from both aetiological formulations and recognised principles of behaviour modification.

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