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By Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson deals a brand new thought of worth and rationality that rejects cost-benefit research in our social lives and in our moral theories. This account of the plurality of values therefore bargains a brand new technique, past welfare economics and conventional theories of justice, for assessing the moral obstacles of the industry. during this gentle, Anderson discusses numerous modern controversies concerning the right kind scope of the industry, together with advertisement surrogate motherhood, privatization of public companies, and the appliance of cost-benefit research to problems with environmental safety.

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This argument for monism has often appeared in philosophy, usually in defense of hedonism (Kant 1956, pp. 20-22; Plato 1961b, 356a-357b; Sidgwick 1981, p. 406). Monism triumphs for lack of an alternative that promises to settle decisively all questions of choice. Many contemporary consequentialists find monism unattractive. They have dropped the third requirement of exhaustive articulability and accordingly relaxed the demands placed on the theory of value. If only the first two claims are accepted, the theory of value must be reductionist.

Bias, fan loyalty, and considerations of meaningfulness disrupt this tracking. One performance can be more pleasing than another because it represents a greater triumph for the athlete who performed it than the highest-scoring performance represents for the winning athlete. Often we would like to see the most meaningful performance be the winning performance, for example, the one that vindicates an athlete who had until then choked in crucial contests. This preference does not track the best performances.

Even if we constrained the test to pairs of goods ordered asymmetrically by it, it would not capture anything like our ordinary judgments concerning higher and lower goods. Some people are happy to give up the pleasures of listening to LP records for the pleasures of listening to compact disks and are unwilling to accept the converse. But this does not make the latter listening pleasure a higher good than the former, in the sense this has when goods like convenience are compared with human rights, justice, and friendship.

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