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By Frank Gunstone

Presents obtainable, centred details at the composition, houses, and makes use of of the vegetable oils as a rule present in the nutrition undefined. additionally, the most important nutrients makes use of are associated, anyplace attainable, composition and homes of the oils.

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It was believed that TAG structure affected stability by altering the accessibility of substrate to free radical attack. Konishi and co-workers (1995) also observed that normal soybean oil randomly interesterified with stearate was far less stable than when stearate was placed selectively on the sn-1 and sn-3 positions. However, Neff and List (1999) found that randomization of soybean oil TAG improved the oxidative stability compared to the natural soybean oil. The relationship between TAG structure and its oxidative stability and how the regiospecific distribution affects the initiation, propagation and termination of the lipid autoxidation needs to be better understood.

3 Oxidation and tocopherol retention during modified (A) and conventional (B) refining of , high-oleic acid soybean oil (HO); , low-linolenic acid various types of soybean oils. Key: , lipoxygenase-free soybean oil (LOX); , low-saturated fatty acid soybean soybean oil (LLL); oil (LS); , commodity soybean oil (CS). Source: Wang and Johnson 2001b. Alcohol fractionation of deoiled lecithin provides alcohol-soluble and alcoholinsoluble fractions enriched with PC and PI respectively. The PC-enriched fraction is an excellent oil-in-water emulsifier.

Prog. , 37, 277–305. D. (2000) Composition and properties of edible oils, in Edible Oil Processing (eds W. J. Hamilton), Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield, pp. 1–33. D. (2001) Oilseed crops with modified fatty acid composition. J. , 50, 269–279. D. J. (eds) (2001) Oleochemical Manufacture and Applications, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield. Hamm, W. (2001) Regional differences in edible oil processing procedures. 1. Seed crushing and extraction, oil movements, and degumming. 2. Refining, oil modification, and formulation.

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