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By Glicksman, Andrew T.

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Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1957) 1. 48-93; E. Mary Smallwood, The Jews Under Roman Rule: From Pompey to Diocletian (SJLA 20; Leiden: Brill, 1981) 220-55; Joseph M. , many Jews made their home in the Ptolemaic cultural and administrative capital of Alexandria. , the Jews as an ethnic group lost status and certain rights which they previously enjoyed during the Ptolemaic period. C. C. 33 This demotion was most likely due to the more definite distinction that the Romans made between citizens and noncitizens.

63 Modrzejewski, Jews of Egypt, 163. 29 It is very possible then that it was Augustus’s poll tax and not Flaccus’s persecution that inspired Pseudo-Solomon to lament the loss of Jewish rights and privileges in Wis 19:16. Third, there is the claim that the distant ruler mentioned in Wis 14:16-17 better fits the time of Caligula rather than that of Augustus. D. 64 Yet this does not exclude the possibility that the verse refers rather to Augustus. In order to refute a possible Augustan dating, Winston claims that, while alive, Augustus “.

11–12, 16–19. The exceptions to this rule are the direct references to the Pentapolis in Wis 10:6 and to the Red Sea in Wis 10:18 and 19:7. 79 The most odious of these faithless individuals not only rejected their faith but also instigated the persecution of their own people. In fact, it appears that Pseudo-Solomon rails against this type of traitorous behavior by “counterfeit” Jews in chaps. 1–5, where those who persecute the “righteous one” state: “Let us beset the righteous one, because he .

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