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By Aeon J. Skoble, Mark T. Conard

Comedian, author, director, actor, musician, and deep philosopher, Woody Allen is obviously attempting to say anything, yet what? And why may still somebody care? Fifteen philosophers representing diverse faculties of idea solution those questions, concentrating on various works and sundry facets of Allen's multifaceted output. those essays discover such issues as how Schopenhauer's idea of humor emerges in Annie Hall; why, for all his obvious pessimism, Allen provides a brighter replacement to the Bogartian nihilism of movie noir; the significance of integrity for the nice existence, as present in Manhattan; and the truth that simply because the universe is incomprehensible and lifestyles is unnecessary is not any cause to devote suicide. additionally listed here are droll, probing essays on why hedonism is a healthiness probability, and why, although Earth should be swallowed by way of a black gap and beaten to the scale of a peanut, the bathroom keeps to overflow.

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Consider this a guide to doing so. Or at least, as proof that some of us philosophers have a sense of humor. Act I Morality, Interpretation, and the Meaning of Life 1 God, Suicide, and the Meaning of Life in the Films of Woody Allen MARK T. CONARD I think what it boils down to, really, is that I hate reality. And, you know, unfortunately, it’s the only place where we can get a good steak dinner. —WOODY ALLEN 8 Other than sex and art, the one thing that the characters in Woody Allen’s movies talk about most is the meaning of life, in one form or another.

MICKEY: Well, because, you know, I’ve got to have something to believe in. 29 Mickey goes on to tell the priest: “I need to have some evidence. I’ve got to have some proof. You know, if . . ” Ultimately, he doesn’t find the answers he is looking for, and because of this comes close to attempting suicide. Subsequently, as he relates the story to Holly (Dianne Wiest), we see that Mickey’s attitude about the issue is the same as that of Boris, at least initially:And I remember thinking at the time, I’m going to kill myself.

32 This seems at first like a non sequitur, and Isaac (Woody Allen) certainly takes it to be so. However, the remark is actually quite revealing. It means that the belief in God is a mark of naiveté and innocence, Philadelphia being the more provincial, backward place, as opposed to the sophisticated New York. In New York, in other words, people have sophisticated conversations about orgasms and similar matters, but in Philadelphia, people are still naive and backward enough not to do so. 33 Further, in Crimes and Misdemeanors, Judah’s father, Sol (David S.

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