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By Oskar von Hinüber

The guide surveys the complete of Pali Theravada Buddhist literature (Ceylon, South East Asia). It reports earlier examine within the box, after which concentrates on new methodological ways and a remedy of later Pali literature (after the 12th century).

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Commentaries: SumangalavilasinI (§ 226-244), LInatthappakasinI (§ 358), SadhujanavilasinI (§ 382). 52. The DN contains 34 Suttantas divided into three groups: ~~ ~-. ---- I. SIlakkhandhavagga, nos. 1-13 2. Mahavagga, nos. 14-23 3. Palikavagga, nos. 24- 34 These names, of uncertain date, have been taken from the respective first Suttanta: the very first Suttanta of DN, the Brahmajala is the only one divided into three subdivisions, Cula-, Majjhima-, and MahasIla "small, middle, great division on good character".

As in the Suttavibhanga, in the Khandhaka, too, texts are found which have been taken over from the earlier Suttapitaka. It is interesting to note that in these cases the beginning of the text has been adjusted to the new context: the Suttanta introduction has been dropped to fit the relevant text into the Vinaya 65 . These parallel texts, which still 63 64 65 Frauwallner 1956: 62; Lamotte 1958/1988: 1941176. On the different styles of the Brahmal,1as and the early Buddhist prose see Oldenberg 1917.

Cf. also Matsumura 1990: 63sq. On Vinaya texts connected to Uplili cf. Python 1973: 5. For further evidence of Abhayagiri texts: Bv: § 125; Dip § 184; Mhv-t § 188; Vim § 250; Saddh § 439. The problem of the name suttanta for these texts has been discussed in v. Hiniiber 1994a: 125-132; on earlier attempts to arrange the texts of the canon § 10. 24 II. The Therayada Canon § 10-155 47. The Suttapitaka is divided into five nikiiyas "groups (of texts)". The first four comprise mainly the discourses of the Buddha and his discussions with disciples and heretics alike.

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