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By Paolo Giudici, Federico Lemmetti, Stefano Mazza

​This publication deals a transparent description of all of the balsamic vinegars and/or comparable items produced on the earth, their alterations in composition, caliber and use. This encompasses the entire steps for the creation of conventional Balsamic Vinegar: grape composition, crushing, focus of the needs to, alcoholic and acetic fermentation, getting old, sensorial homes and caliber of the ultimate product. This ebook covers widely all of the balsamic vinegars, specially the commercial ones that experience a truly huge marketplace and diffusion.

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They have no compositional limitations and can contain thickeners, preservatives, colours, flavours, and any kind of additive, both artificial and natural. They can be liquid, solid, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 P. 1007/978-3-319-13758-2_3 33 34 3 The Balsamic Family or semisolid. Sometimes they resemble vinegars and even balsamic vinegars in many aspects. Their pricing and qualitative standards vary widely and depend on the cost of the initial raw materials. Balsamic sauces, glazes, jellies, flavoured vinegars, oil and vinegar emulsions, fruit and vinegar mixes, vinaigrettes, and similar products fall into this group.

The annals report that in 1859 King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy and the Prime Minister Camillo Benso di Cavour visited the Duke’s acetaie (vinegar attics) in Modena, because by the end of the nineteenth century it was already acknowledged that the vinegar manufactured in this city was of special quality, based on knowledge handed down from ancient times and worthy of preservation as a cultural treasure. 7 A New Balsamic Era (1860–Today) In the time of the Duke his cellars produced vinegar, or more likely a range of vinegars, that differed significantly from the balsamic vinegars we are familiar with today.

7). 3 Pungency Pungency is a characteristic trait of the flavour of vinegar and represents a simultaneous sensation of irritation, pain, and burning, which are some of the trigeminal stimulations felt during olfactory testing. In balsamic vinegar, pungency is due to the acetic acid in gaseous state in the headspace of the bottle. It is closely related to the volatile acidity of the vinegar and the temperature of samples during sensory testing. BC and TBV are usually less pungent than generic BV because of the lower concentration of acetic acid.

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