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By Origen

Origen composed no less than thirty-two books of a observation at the Gospel based on John, on the request of St. Ambrose of Milan. of those, basically 9 books are extant in nearly entire shape, even supposing now we have choices of others continued in different collections of the works of Origen. The statement proceeds verse by way of verse, and is especially outstanding for its emphasis at the religious which means of the Gospel.

This quantity includes books 1,2,6, and 10, and fragments of books four and five. Origen's major curiosity is the allegorical interpretation of the Gospel in line with John, which makes this a tremendous paintings within the examine of Origen's mystical idea. A secondary curiosity is the refutation of Valentinian gnosticism. in accordance with Eusebius, Ambrose have been a Valentinian earlier than his conversion by means of Origen, and Origen refers back to the Gnostic author Heracleon on a regular basis in the course of the observation for you to refute his views.

Although the refutation of Heracleon could have been a stimulus for the composition of this paintings, Origen moved past this aim as a way to current a observation at the Gospel which might attract the turning out to be variety of expert Christians who sought after a systematic exegesis. The author's writing covers a variety of old, theological, philosophical and etymological subject matters, all curious about this Gospel of "spiritual food." "We may dare to say," Origen says as he starts off his statement, "that the Gospels are the first-fruits of all Scriptures, yet that the first-fruits of the Gospels is that based on John. How nice has to be our figuring out, that we are able to comprehend in a precious demeanour the note that's kept up within the earthen treasures of paltry language." The Spirit-led exegete can therefore draw out of the phrases and logos a better point of perception. This "spiritual gospel" is the truth of which Christ's acts have been symbols; it's the secrets and techniques hidden within the mysteries of Christ's words.

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11 2. 6. 114. Cf. Mt 5·45· 116. Cf. 3. " 117 Now it is clear that the things done to Jesus' disciples [also] happen to him. Therefore. '' 1 1>1 Consequently, every good deed which we perform for our neighbor is taken up into the gospel which is written in the tablets of heaven and read by all those worthy of knowledge of all things. (6g) But also, on the contrary, the sins committed against Jesus are a part of the gospel for the accusation of those who have committed them. (70) Judas' betrayal, therefore, and the outcry of the impious people who said, "Away with such an one from the earth," 119 and, "Crucify him, crucify him," 120 and the mockery of those who crowned him with thorns, and the things like these have been included in the Gospels.

127 A. E. Brooke produced his new edition based on his study of Codex Monacensis in 1896. This was followed in 1903 by the edition of E. Preuschen based on the same manuscript. The edition of C. Blanc, which is based on that of Preuschen, 128 is still in process of appearing. 129 (47) In the sixteenth century Ambrosius Ferrarius translated the commentary into Latin from the fourteenth century Codex Venis. There are four translations of the commentary into modern languages in various degrees of completeness.

62), calls attention to Comm. ]n. " 13. Cf. 11. 34 ORIGEN has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God" 14- , we would have to say to him that the apostle indicated this when he said that the prophet said of Christ, "You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech," 15 and not according to the order of Aaron. On this basis we too say that men can be high priests according to the order of Aaron but only the Christ of God according to the order of Melchisedech. ( 1 2) Since we are eager for those things which are better, all our activity and our entire life being dedicated to God, and we wish to have all our activity as the firstfruits of many firstfruits-unless, indeed, we are mistaken when we think this-what more excellent activity ought there be, after our physical separation from one another, than the careful examination of the gospel?

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