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By Joan Goldstein

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As a result of their exposure to these pestieides alone, as many as 6,200 more children than would have may develop cancer sometime in theirlives. Moreover, these eight pestieides are just a fraction of the 66 pestieides that the EPA has identified as potentially careinogenic that might be found in a child's diet. ) But the greatest source of cancer risk identified by NRDC comes from apples, apple products, and other foods, such as peanut butter and processed cherries, that may be contaminated with daminozide (trade name: Alar) and its metabolite, UDMH, which is what daminozide breaks down into during processing.

Carson's new technologically oriented audience no longer feared or respected the forces of nature, since they had finally found the scientific means to control those forces, or so they believed. For Carson's ideas to be fully absorbed, her readers would require an education about the ecosystem before they could comprehend the dangers that pesticides posed to that system. For exampIe, water, she writes, must be thought of in terms of the chains of life it supports-from the small-as-dust green cells of the drifting plant plankton, through the minute water fleas to the fishes that strain plankton from the water and in turn are eaten by other fishes and by birds, minks or raccoons-in an endless cyclic transfer of materials from life to life ....

This Conservancy was created under the Royal Charter in Britain in 1949 as part of the overall British effort to control land-use practices following the postWorld War II boom. One year after the inception of the Nature Conservancy, in 1950, the first complaints were received from local villagers concerning damage caused by chemical sprays to the flora of roadside verges. 16 Ten years later Carson too described the destruction of roadside wildflowers in the United States caused by the indiscriminate use of herbieides.

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