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As for me, I will be true to my integrity, Redeem me because of Your mercy. I know I am on solid ground, So I join other believers to bless You, Lord. Amen PSALM 27 A Prayer To Be In God's Presence For Protection* Lord, You are my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? Lord, You are the strength of my life; Why should I be afraid? When evil persons come to eat me up, They stumble and fall. Though a host of evil people attack me, I will not be afraid of them; Because I know You will protect me.

Or from relief from pain. Sometimes I intercede to You for forgiveness, or for Your guidance in my life. I need to touch You and let You touch me. I pray these Psalms to enter Your presence. I know the Bible is God's Word—every word—that's what I teach. So why did I update Bible words and add some modern terms and phrases? I did it to help you the reader understand the Psalms and pray them daily. Isn't that why God gave you the Psalms—so you would pray to Him and help you live for Him? So with all reverence for the original Hebrew version of Psalms, I've tried to apply them to modern language so you can pray the Psalms passionately.

I crushed the enemy so that they became dust, They were like the dirt in the street. You have made me the leader of the heathen, I am above the people; Those I don't know will serve me. They will obey my orders when they hear me, They will submit to my authority. Strangers will be afraid of me, They will hide from me in their houses. Lord, I bless You for giving me life and strength; I exalt you for giving me salvation, Lord, You have delivered me over my enemies; You have given me authority over the people.

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