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By Todd C. Penner

Scholarly therapy of the Epistle of James and Eschatology.

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Epistle of James and Eschatology

Scholarly remedy of the Epistle of James and Eschatology.

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F. Hawthorne and O. ], Tradition and Interpretation in the New Testament [Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans; Tubingen: Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1987], pp. 33-42). For more on the importance of apocalyptic and eschatology in early Christianity see Excursus 2 in Chapter 2. 30 The Epistle of James and Eschatology It is evident that the background against which one understands a document's or tradition's concepts and expressions, as well as the way a particular text or source is structured and interpreted, affects the way modern scholarship goes about reconstructing Christian origins.

Wordsworth, 'The Corbey St James [ff] and its Relation to Other Latin Versions and to the Original Language of the Epistle', StBib 1 [1885], pp. 113-23); that James is a revision of a Jewish Grundschrift (this achieved classic formulation in A. Meyer's study, Das Rdtsel des Jacobusbriefes [BZNW, 10; Giessen: Topelmann, 1930]); and any form of the secretary hypothesis (such as one finds in Mussner). All of these theories, in their own way, suggest a stratified formation of the letter wherein more than one writer is imagined (whether it be via incorporation and redaction of another source, through translation, or simply through the use of a 'Mitarbeiter').

R. Horsley are appropriate here: 'there were people in Palestine who attained to bilingualism by 2. James in Contemporary Research 39 early Christians partook fully of the larger Hellenistic ethos existing in Palestine (particularly Greek education and literature), or whether they experienced a less concentrated and direct experience of Hellenism. 1 different routes. While it should not be taken as an exact equation there may be some appropriateness in seeing upper-class, urban Jews as those more likely to be secondary bilinguals, primary bilinguals being those with less access to formal education or who lived in rural areas' (The Fiction of "Jewish Greek'", NewDocs 5 [1989], p.

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