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2), and by recounting a special name given by Abraham in token of what had happened there (v. 14), a name given special significance by a wordplay (w. 8,14; see below). Where is this place? The name Morían occurs elsewhere in the Old Testament only in 2 Chron. 1: Then Solomon began to build the house of YHWH in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where YHWH had appeared to David his father, at the place that David had appointed, on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite'. Although, surprisingly, reference is made only to the story 'of David (2 Sam.

It is characteristic also of the practical nature of Hebrew faith that God's determination of a famine is seen not as an occasion for speculative questioning of the purposes of God, but for practical action on the part of the person (in this case, Joseph) who fears God. Although Joseph is the central figure of these chapters, we are not given the insight into his character that might be expected. This has particularly puzzled readers of chs. 42-44 when Joseph does not reveal himself to his brothers but puts them through a series of hardships.

18-20). 5. Both have mysterious and threatening night encounters with God (Gen. 22-32; Exod. 24-26). How should these similarities be explained? Hendel suggests that they show a common underlying oral narrative tradition, and this may well be so. A shared tradition of storytelling about 2. An Introduction to the Text of Genesis 12-50 33 significant figures in Israel's beginnings could well portray different characters in similar ways. However, this may suggest that the process could be largely unintentional.

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