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By Kunio Terao

Beliefs are uncomplicated and ready to be simply understood, yet by no means exist in truth. during this booklet a concept in response to the second one legislations of thermodynamics and its functions are defined. In thermodynamics there's a thought of a great fuel which satisfies a mathematical formulation PV = RT. This formulation can appro- mately be utilized to the true gasoline, as far as the fuel has now not an extremely excessive strain and occasional temperature. In reference to the second one legislations of thermo- namics there's additionally an idea of reversible and irreversible strategies. The reversible technique is a phenomenon continuing at an infinitely low pace, whereas the irreversible approach is that continuing with a finite pace. this sort of technique with an infinitely gradual pace can quite by no means happen, and all techniques saw are constantly irreversible, accordingly, the reversible strategy is a perfect method, whereas the irreversible method is a true strategy. in accordance with the 1st legislation of thermodynamics the power raise dU of the thermodynamic process is a sum of the warmth dQ extra to the process and paintings dW performed within the procedure. virtually, although, the mathematical formulation of the legislations is frequently expressed by way of the equation , or a few related equations derived from this formulation, is utilized to many phenomena. Such formulae are, besides the fact that, th- retically merely appropriate to phenomena continuing at an infinitely low pace, that's, reversible techniques or perfect tactics.

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From the molecules of liquids at a supersaturated state having an average energy L1, some molecules having an energy higher than E1, reach the state M1, are liberated from the liquid into a gaseous state, giving their energy E1 to the other ones staying in the liquid and reach M2 at the same energy state as the initial one but in gaseous and unstable state. In order to have a stable state, the vaporization heat Hv = E2 must be supplied to the unstable gaseous molecules. The formation of nucleus is, thus, initiated and the nucleus develops to the critical size, getting the vaporization energy E2.

If T2 is not equal to that first assumed, then again the temperature T2 must be calculated using g fitted to the calculated one. Such calculation must be repeated, till the correct value is obtained. It is here to be noticed what the Hugoniot-curve means. The gas state does not change continuously from the state in front of the shock wave to that behind the shock wave, but the gas state changes discontinuously from that on front of the shock to that behind the shock, increasing its entropy. The Hugoniot-curve expresses only two states, those in front of and behind the shock waves.

In the classical theories it is assumed that the spontaneous ignition in a homogeneous mixture proceeds homogeneously in the whole mixture space, but practically we never observe such phenomenon in which the ignition takes place everywhere in the mixture at the same time. In reality the ignition starts from a few points in the mixture. A spontaneous ignition in a stoichiometric isooctane-air mixture in a cylindrical vessel schematically shown in Fig. 1 under a rapid adiabatic compression by a piston which was driven by a high-pressure air was observed through a narrow slit.

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