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By Sergei Eisenstein

This publication includes the origianal taking pictures script of the 1945 liberate of Eisenstein's motion picture. it really is hence not easy to fee as ordinary interpreting fabric. these looking for ancient study or interesting storytelling higher glance somewhere else.

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Ivan the Terrible (Pts. 1-3)

This publication comprises the origianal capturing script of the 1945 liberate of Eisenstein's motion picture. it's as a result difficult to fee as general studying fabric. these looking for old learn or pleasing storytelling greater glance in different places.

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Shot 347. Medium close-up of part of the palisade. MALYUTA comes into shot, looking anxiously across at IVAN and : KURBSKY. continues of : Even an untrained beast .. Shot 348. Medium close-up of IVAN standing over KURBSKY, his hand on his shoulder. t KURBSKY, furious at being humiliated in front of his troops, loses his self-control and launches himself ally AN. Shot 349. Close-up of Iv AN in profile as KURBSKY'S hand comes into shot and grabs him by the shoulder. Iv AN stares at him. Shot 350.

Shot 591. Reverse shot of the two men, embracing in close-up They place their cheeks together, first on one side then on the other. As they do so, KURBSKY looks over IVAN'S shoulder towards ANASTASIA, off-screen to the right. Shot 592. Close-up of ANASTASIA; she watches them, then . 90 looks away. 'hot 593. Resume on close-up of KURBSKY watching ANAover IVAN'S shoulder. He frowns slightly. IVAN embraces him on the other cheek and his gaze settles on someone else. His eyes widen. Shot 594. Close-up of MALYUTA'S rugged face as he watches suspiciously.

The music continues. Shot 400. Resume on IvAN in medium shot admidst the guns. waving his arms as they fire. Clouds of smoke drift across. masking him. Shot 401. Another medium shot of the guns firing. Shot 402. Long shot of the assault. The music continues. A flaming projectile whizzes across the screen. Black clouds of smoke rise upwards. In the background, we see KURBSKY on the summit of the tower by the gateway of Kazan, holding aloft a banner. Shot 403. Another long shot of the same scene.

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