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By Georg Walser

This statement on Greek Jeremiah is predicated on what's probably the simplest entire manuscript, specifically Codex Vaticanus. the unique textual content is gifted uncorrected and the paragraphs of the manuscript itself are applied. the interpretation into English on dealing with pages is intentionally literal to be able to provide the fashionable reader a touch of the influence the Greek translation can have made on an historical reader. the aim of the observation is to supply a dialogue of the Greek textual content of Jeremiah in its personal correct. accordingly references to the Vorlage are just made to provide an explanation for peculiarities within the Greek textual content.

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And it will be, if you multiply and increase in the land in those days,’ says LORD, ‘they will say no more, “The ark of the covenant of the holy of Israel,” it will not come up to heart, nor will it be mentioned by name nor will it be considered, and it will not be made again.  In those days and at that time they will call Ierousal¯em “The throne of LORD”, and all the nations will be gathered to her, and they will no longer walk behind the counsels of their wicked heart. ’ ‘For I will turn you into nations, and give you a chosen land, an inheritance of GOD, Almighty over nations,’ and I said: ‘You will call me “FATHER”  text and translation  (:–) καλ σετα µε κα π µο ο κ ποστραφ σεσ αι  πλ ν σ ετε γυν ε σ τ ν συν ντα α τ ο τωσ τησεν ε σ µ ο κοσ Ισραηλ λ γει κσ .

At first sight, the quotation appears to be taken directly from the Hebrew text, and not from the Septuagint. , future indicative, of the Hebrew imperative åàöî, is not self-evident (Symmachus has να ε ρητε), and it is reasonable to believe that it has its origin in the Septuagint. Thus it is perhaps more likely that the author of Matt. took the quotation from a Greek source which was  introduction corrected according to the Hebrew text, or even that he corrected the text himself. Cf. Knowles , –.

And I will speak to them with judgement about all their wickedness; that they have forsaken me, and sacrificed to alien gods, and worshipped the works of their own hands.  And you, gird up your waist, and stand up, and say all that I command you, do not be afraid from their face, nor be scared before them, for I am with you to deliver you,’ says LORD.  ‘See, I have set you, this very day, as a strong city, and as a strong wall of copper, for all the kings of Iouda and for its rulers and for the people of the land.

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