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By Robert Layton

Throughout the learn of civil society, the evolution of social relatives, and the breakdown of social order, Order and Anarchy re-examines the function of violence in human social evolution. Drawing on anthropology, political technological know-how, and evolutionary concept, it bargains a unique method of figuring out balance and instability in human society. Robert Layton presents a thorough critique of present strategies of civil society, arguing that rational motion is attribute of all human societies and never specific to post-Enlightenment Europe. Case reviews variety from ephemeral African gold rush groups and the evening membership scene in Britain to good hunter-gatherer and peasant cultures. The dynamics of contemporary civil wars within the former Yugoslavia, Chad, Somalia and Indonesia are in comparison to battle in small-scale tribal societies, arguing that contemporary claims for the evolutionary price of violence have misunderstood the complexity of human innovations and the social environments within which they're performed out.

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Ferguson may have had this tradition in mind when he referred to self-governing villages in ‘some primitive age’. Hill (1958: 76) accepts the broad thrust of the historical argument, claiming that early Anglo-Saxon society was certainly much freer than the Norman society that supplanted it. The difficulty, he notes, was that little was known about the actual form of Anglo-Saxon society (and, one might add, even less about the earlier society described by Tacitus; see Layton 2003: 106–7). The essential weakness of the historical school of thought was that it failed to explain why the supposed Germanic customs had survived, to show whose Civil society and social cohesion 37 interests they served and to explain how such people had been able to perpetuate them.

The commons must therefore be treated as a territory. Socio-ecology studies social behaviour according to the principles of Darwinian evolution. It differs from the more determinist approaches of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology in allowing learned, cultural behaviour an important role in human social evolution, but argues that where several alternative social strategies are practised, the strategy that offers the best adaptation to the local social and natural environment will tend to replace competing ones.

Gun-play started very soon; it grew wilder during the days that followed. The state had evidently abdicated its sovereignty. Social order was at its most tenuous; narrow self-interest held sway until, eventually, a spate of murders led ‘the more respectable – or more timid citizens’ to propose the appointment of a marshal, supported by a judge and public prosecutor. No one wanted to take on any of the posts. It was, as Kemp puts it, ‘a suicide club’. Eventually a seemingly meek Englishman nicknamed Lispy Jones accepted the job of marshal, but the murders continued.

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