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By John W Miller

"Here is stable scholarship with definite unpopular twists and interpretations. instead of a pedantic verse via verse method, this thematic remedy of Proverbs offers a shockingly modern handbook on a few serious problems with Christian discipleship. Miller deals very worthy pastoral insights for the 21st-century preacher." —James M. Lapp, Franconia Mennonite convention The nineteenth quantity within the Believers Church Bible remark sequence is exclusive for its distinct uncovering of facts for 2 variations of Proverbs, a primary for the period of Solomon and a moment in help of King Hezekiah’s ancient spiritual reforms. during this gentle heretofore difficult positive factors of the book’s layout, objective and message are clarified and the book’s relevance for its time and ours is tremendously more suitable. "Proverbs is a treasury of God’s knowledge, and John Miller is a proficient advisor to its right interpretation. He has given the church a transparent, fascinating, and insightful observation in this very important biblical book."—Tremper Longman, Westmont collage

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Proverbs (Believers Church Bible Commentary)

"Here is stable scholarship with convinced unpopular twists and interpretations. rather than a pedantic verse by means of verse technique, this thematic remedy of Proverbs offers a shockingly modern guide on a few serious problems with Christian discipleship. Miller deals very useful pastoral insights for the 21st-century preacher.

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This follow-up poem spells out how a son can come to a point where he will understand the fear the LORD and avoid this tragic fate. To understand the fear of the LORD entails knowing the commandments of the LORD and putting them into practice in daily life (see notes on 1:7). 2:1-11 “Store Up My Commands Within You” The poem has twenty-two verses (the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet). These verses are in two parts of eleven verses each. Part 1 (2:1-11) starts with three clauses beginning with if (2:1, 3, 4), followed by two clauses beginning with then (2:5, 9).

In others they are only marginally present. In his book on Bringing Up Boys, James Dobson writes: “While children of all ages—both male and female—have an innate need for contact with their fathers, . . boys suffer most from the absence or noninvolvement of fathers. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, boys without fathers are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to go to jail, and nearly four times as likely to need treatment for emotional and behavioral problems as boys with fathers” (55).

First, she tells her audience (you) what she has done (1:22-27; cf. 8:4-31); then she states what the 46 Proverbs 1:8—3:35 future holds for those (they) who do or do not follow her advice (1:2833; cf. 8:34-36). However, here is where the similarity ends. The contents of the two poems are radically different. In 1:21 wisdom calls aloud in the street (1:21), not on the heights (as in 8:2)—and she addresses her words to simple ones and mockers and fools [who] hate knowledge (1:22), not to all mankind (as in 8:4).

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