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By Stanley E. Porter, Michael A. Hayes, David Tombs (eds.)

The subject of Resurrection has persisted to turn out attention-grabbing for numerous writers and thinkers, discovering expression not just in sacred texts yet in different works of literature and the humanities. This quantity comprises the papers from one of many Roehampton Institute London meetings. during this quantity, students from various locations and ranging educational disciplines have addressed the idea that of resurrection from a couple of serious views. As one may possibly count on, those comprise analyses of the way the resurrection is known within the biblical and different spiritual traditions. additionally integrated during this quantity are sustained remedies of the concept that of resurrection because it seems to be in a number of literary texts and different creative kinds of expression.

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36. Cf. J. ), Writing and Reading the Scroll of Isaiah (originally appeared in JTS 31 [1980], pp. 309-19), I, pp. 366-68, where he surveys and lists the several views of redaction of the Isaiah Apocalypse, rejecting them on the basis of the clear unity of the passage and its systematic usage of Hos. 10. What is especially interesting to note is the high number of redaction-theorists who wish to place Isa. 19 at a rather late stage. Day (pp. 366-67 and n. 40) points out that 0. Ploger (Theocracy and Eschatology [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1968], pp.

2123 (which may be two different texts). The possibility that Jubilees was seen as authoritative at Qumran-perhaps even on par with biblical documents--cannot be easily discounted. 27. As seen above, this was also often translated 'giant'. 28. S. Wintermute, 'Jubilees: A New Translation and Introduction', OTP, II, pp. 35-142, quotation p. 64. 46 Resurrection order for judgments to be executed upon all of those who corrupted their ways and their deeds before the LORD' (v. 10, OTP). It may be, however, that the writer of Jubilees was familiar with the form of the Titan myth as transmitted by the Orphic mystery of Zagreus, which links the genesis of humans with the destruction of the Titans, and so would think it entirely appropriate to explain the newly limited lifespan of humans as a result of his version of the Titanomachy.

1 as it stands-without emendation. In this case, it would appear that both Eupolemus in fr. 1 and the anonymous tradition(s) in fr. 2 concur on both the identity of Belos and his status as a giant/Titan. 24. Cf. Ezekiel the Tragedian, Exodus 79-81: 'Then at my feet a multitude of stars fell down, and I their number reckoned up. They passed like armed ranks of men', which suggests overlap with the picture of the 'giants' formed from the droplets of blood from Uranus' severed genitals (Theogony 186, and see above).

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