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Question: with men? \Vhat do you understand by the equality of women Answer: Equality does not mean that women should be like men. This is a vulgar conception. \Voman differs "from man in character and physiology. Equality of the sexes means that men and women have equal opportunities in education, choice of profession, pay and conditions of work. Women need the state to help promote equality of the sexes. Question: In what way can the state promote the development of genuine equality? Answer: The state can promote equality through the law and can create good working conditions, establish equal pay, provide kindergartens and encourage the mechanisation of housework.

What would happen in the future if all the women went on part-time shifts? There is the issue of work at home too. Women can work at home as one way of solving the difficulty of rearing young children. vVomen can sew at home, for example. Question: Do you think that a shortening of the female working day means a lessening of the role offemale labour in the economy and would therefore be a step backwards? Answer: No. A shortening of the working day would not mean a lower role for women in the workforce because women already have an overload of work.

Women are politically active too, although speaking frankly, political work is hard for them because of the time they spend rearing children. On average women are better educated than men at the secondary level of education. But we find fewer women among the most highly qualified. Women's economic and political roles have changed and women have the right to choose whether or not to have children. Of course, if they want them, they do not have to ask their husbands, they can just go ahead. Question: Why have some roles changed more than others?

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