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By John Gray

John grey, who was once Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages within the college of Aberdeen, left at his dying in 2000 an entire manuscript of a remark at the booklet of task. wealthy in text-critical and philological observations, the manuscript has been rigorously ready for the click; it's going to quickly turn into a typical paintings for students and scholars of the biblical booklet, and a becoming tribute to the sound judgment and cutting edge scholarship of its writer. John grey used to be famous specially for his books The Legacy of Canaan (1957; second edn, 1964), The Biblical Doctrine of the Reign of God (1979), and his commentaries, I and II Kings (1963; second edn, 1970) and Joshua, Judges and Ruth (1967). Gray's statement on task, that is prefaced by way of a long common advent, is the 1st quantity in a brand new sequence of commentaries at the textual content of the Hebrew Bible. the entire volumes will pay attention to the textual content feedback and philology of the Hebrew textual content, a function particularly missing or in basic terms perfunctory in many present biblical observation sequence.

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Beside the date of the Book in relation to the general literary deposit and particular sapiential tradition of Israel, the question of local provenance is rather academic. 26) would indicate Palestine. 22-38) and winter torrents swollen with melting snow might suggest the Lebanon or Anti-Lebanon. Tur-Sinai, unduly, we consider, claiming an Aramaic original subsequently rendered into Hebrew, claimed a Mesopotamian provenance. ). This Mesopotamian matter, however, was known to Hebrew poets and ¿nds expression more and less in the prophets and Psalms, while familiarity with the Behistun inscription may be owing to Jewish merchants on their trading ventures.

1) and goldsmiths (Jer. 9) and sailors (Ezek. 8; Ps. 27). It applies to women skilled in lamentation, implying improvisation (Jer. 10-12, cf. 1 Chron. 19; Ps. 4-5 [EVV 3-4]) and soothsaying where real sagacity and resource were usually cloaked under the guise of traditional superstition (Gen. 8; Isa. 25). Skill in politics in war and peace is also denoted by ­o¤mƗh (Isa. 14; Jer. 7). The essentially humanistic or intellectual character of ­o¤mƗh is clearly indicated in the account of Solomon’s reign.

To hymns of praise extolling God’s order in nature and society Job opposes hymns of praise emphasizing the destructive aspect of the rule of God; to didactic poems on the end of the wicked he opposes similar poems on the prosperity of the wicked and the hopeless misery of the poor. He cites edifying proverbs on the theme of sin and retribution and exposes their inadequacy in the light of hard facts. The self-suf¿ciency of the sages in Proverbs, however, in their practical commission, should not disguise the fact that they were aware of the ultimate imponderables in God’s purpose for his creation.

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