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By Malcolm Gerloch, Edwin C. Constable

By way of advantage of its non-mathematical and strongly visible method of bonding, it offers a such a lot obtainable textual content at the various nature of the valence shell in d-block chemistry. Paper.

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13) where VCF is the so-called crystal-field potential. Its a question of the order in which we consider these two effects. In the weak-field scheme, we begin with the free-ion terms left after the Coulomb interactions and then consider a weak crystal-field potential. 9 Free-Ion S and P Terms in Crystal Fields 49 d2 '2g Figure 3-16. Octahedral field spin-triplet terms arising for d2. -6Dq increasing Dq decreasing B Figure 3-17. A partial correlation diagram for d2 showing weak- (left) and strong-field (right) limits for spin- triplet terms.

Gerloch, Coord. Chem. , 1990, 99, 199. 2. RW. Atkins, Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1970. 3. N. A. M. , Wiley, New York, 1969. - The last two references have more to say on the radial forms of atomic orbitals. 1 The Crystal-Field Premise During the first twenty years or so of this century, an incredibly detailed understanding of atomic line spectra was built up with the application of the, then new, quantum theory. Indeed, the development of quantum theory came about in part by the need to understand these spectral properties.

On absorption of an energy A>ct, one of the t2g electrons will be promoted into the eg set, as on the right side of Fig. 3-8. As the eg set is now full, no further electronic promotions are possible so that this corresponds to the one and only excited state of the octahedral d9 configuration. We thus observe a single absorption band in the 'd-d' spectrum. The excitation t2ge| —> t2geg is equivalent to the transfer of the hole in the eg3 configuration into the t2g set. We may view a transition in a d9 complex as a redistribution of a single hole (lack of electron) within a full d shell.

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