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By André Guinier

X-RAY crystallography, the article of that is the learn of-crystalline components through X-rays, is a brand new department of technological know-how which originated in 1912, whilst von Laue conducted his celebrated experiments at the diffraction of X-rays via crystalline gJ.'atings. It has built specially lower than the impact of the Braggs, father and son, and in their chool, swiftly by means of many different examine staff.

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2331. Admixtures in Crystallization Jaroslav Njlvlt, Joachim Ulrich 0 VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 1995 8. Notations A surface area a lattice constant B constant C concentration D homogeneous distribution coefficient enthalpy of fusion enthalpy of mixing K recrystallization factor KB distribution coefficient k k-th stage k Planck constant homogeneous distribution coefficient growth rate of a face in presence of admixture growth rate of a face in absence of admixture growth rate of a face in full coverage by admixture mass of crystals n total number of stages n average density of the admlxture on a surface P concentration (wt.

5. Influence of Admixtures on Crystal Shape 25 rapidly growing faces disappear 165,701. The condition necessary for changing the crystal shape is thus to change the relation in growth rates of individual faces. As was pointed out earller. additives may influence the crystal growth rate. If they are preferentially adsorbed on certain crystallographic faces, the mode of growth is altered 1501. Parameters influencing the occurrence of adsorption include the steric arrangement of molecules in the additive and their charge and dipole moment, a s well a s the electric field on the crystal surface [l69].

Eng. Sci. : M e Growth ofCrystalsfrom U q d d s . References 59 1291 Broul. :Res. Chcm. L.. VUAnCh VZ-E612 (1972) 1301 Broul. N p l t . : Chem. : 2. Krist. : Crystalgrowth, Wiley. New York 1951 1331 Buehrer. , Reitmeier. : J. Phys. Chem. 44 (1940) 552 1341 Bunn. : Proc. : Disc. Faraday SOC. : Disc. 5 (1949) 119 I371 Burrill. : J. K.. Cabrera. N.. : Phil. Trans. Roy. SOC. A.. Prim. C.. Slichter. : J. Chem. Phys. : Rost kristallov 3 (1961) 296 [41] Cabrera. N.. : in: Growth and Perfection of Crystals, (eds.

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