The Walking Reading Group on Care, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, July 2018

In July, we led two walks with The Photographers’ Gallery which continued our edition of care. The same walk was repeated on two separate occasions: a Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Taking as its starting point the photograph Making banners for a Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU) Rally from 1910, the walk focused on feminist struggles, utopias and the radical potential of care.

This image was on loan to The Photographers’ Gallery from The Women’s Library Collection, and the walks were bookended by these locations. We began at the London School of Economics library, which since 2013 has hosted The Women’s Library. From there, we traced a route through central London while discussing texts by Reni Eddo-Lodge, Lyn Segal, Charlotte Perkins and Silvia Federici, and images from The Women’s Library Collection. We finished by climbing the stairs at The Photographers’ Gallery to take a look at the photograph which inspired the walks.