The Walking Reading Group on Care, SPACE, London, SEPTEMBER 2017

This autumnal walk, commissioned by SPACE, London, was the first iteration of our current edition of TWRG on Care. We were delighted to develop the walk with Joy Kahumbu, who co-ordinates the Compassionate Neighbours project at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney.

Texts by Silvia Federici, Lucia Berlin, Margaret Forster and Nina Rismal supported us to question and explore what care is and who it is for, with an underlying focus on the alliance between art and care for older people.

During our rainy walk through Hackney, we paused at different care-related spaces to read snippets of texts; from SPACE, we walked through London Fields to Hackney Library, and then made our way north to the Church at St John of Hackney, before heading south along the backstreets to St Joseph’s Hospice, where Joy introduced the Compassionate Neighbours project. Finally, we wended west and north to finish the walk outside the Cat and Mutton on Broadway Market.

The walk formed a connection with SPACE’s exhibition, Zoe Kreye’s Make Our Own Air.